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Can I give CBD to my pet?

Yes, high-quality, non-flavored CBD oil is safe for pets. We have 2 CBD products formulated just for furry friends - Check out our Pet CBD Oil for easy dosing and our CBD Pet Treats are loved by both dogs and cats. We recommend that you consult with

What is Pet CBD?

Pet-formulated CBD products are designed with your pet in mind. We use high-quality ingredients that are both safe and sure to taste great. Our Pet CBD Oil indicates the amount of CBD and hemp oil per serving – not just the total cannabinoid content

What Pets can I give CBD to?

Our Pet CBD products are safe for all mammals, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and other furry friends.

What dosage should I give my pets?

We provide a recommended dose for each product defined by your pet’s size and weight however, the most effective dosage is determined by the unique needs of each pet. Factors such as their endocannabinoid system, age, size, weight, metabolism, curren

How do I administer CBD oil to my pet?

For the fastest absorption, lift the lip and apply the CBD Oil directly onto the gums. You can also add it to their food, but this will take longer for the CBD to go into effect (around 30-45 min) as it has to be digested before it enters the bloodst

Can my pets overdose on CBD?

No. However, you know you’ve given your pet too much CBD if they may become temporarily lethargic and in some cases, get diarrhea.

Can I give my pet CBD with other medications?

We recommend consulting with your vet before using CBD with other medications as there some medications may not mix well with CBD.